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Vitality Counseling & Wellness, LLC

                                                                              M​IND, BODY, SPIRIT

Welcome,  If you've come this far,  you can certainly keep going!

Vitality Counseling & Wellness,  LLC is committed to assisting those inundated with life challenges and afflicted with mental illness.  Vitality Counseling & Wellness, LLC  provides mental health treatment to teens and adults suffering from depression, anxiety,  mood disorders, anger, unresolved childhood trauma,/trauma,  and other mental health disorders.

What is Mental Illness? Mental illnesses are brain-based conditions that affect mood, thought process and behavior. Mental health disorders may be caused by a reaction of environmental stressors, genetic factors, biochemical imbalances, or a combination of these. Mental illnesses are associated with distress and problems that interfere with the functioning of one's interpersonal relationships, work and/or family.  

Psychotherapists assess, diagnosis and treat mental heath disorders,  as well as provide psychotherapy, more commonly referred to as counseling.  Psychotherapy entails processing, exploring and reflecting on the history of maladaptive behavioral patterns.   

During the process, and along this journey you will gain healthy coping skills, symptom management tools, thus, growing into the best version of self!  

According to the National Institute of Mental Health,  an estimated 44 million Americans suffer with some form of mental health disorder in a given year, and suggest that exercising can help with depression, improve sleep,  heart and brain health.  You can significantly improve the quality of your life by engaging in mental health treatment,  eating a healthy balance diet, and  engaging in physical activity. 

What type of mental health services can you expect to receive as a client of Vitality Counseling & Wellness?  VCW offers clinical based services and non clinical services. Clinical services require the completion of a Psychiatric Evaluation/Mental Health Assessment,  the rendering of a DSM-5 diagnosis,  and an individualized treatment plan.    Reach out to me today and let's discuss your personal mental health needs.  

An Experienced Psychotherapist You

Can Trust

  Monica Renee' Garcia, LCSW-S


My clinical experience include counseling clients from diverse backgrounds, with a specialty in Trauma Focused Therapy.


Monica Renee' Garcia is a Board Approved Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Psychotherapist, and author.

Earning, a Master's degree from the University of Houston in 2009, she is well equipped to assist you with your mental health challenges.  

As a highly skilled Psychotherapist,  my goal is to assist you with improving your emotional and behavioral

responses related to either unaddressed trauma,  uneventful circumstances, and the many challenges that life brings.

Together, we can break the negative stigma associated with mental illness.


It is the Mission of Vitality Counseling & Wellness, LLC to promote the psychological growth and  mental wellness for teens and adults.